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connect all youth with ancient health knowledge in mind, body, and spirit


Join our online community, with full profiles, reactions, groups, badges, rewards, and many other features.    

It's FREE!

Frequently Asked Questions


Sign up with your email then you can manage the activity on the account.  If kids 11+ have their own device and email they can sign up and participate in the social activity in the community.  


If kids are old enough to manage their own email, they could have their own separate logins.


They could share an account under your email and put the first name as: Sarah-and-Johnny.  You would be managing the account for example: going to the online university to take a course or accessing class recordings.  


When you navigate to “Shop” you can purchase a Kids or Teens membership.  As soon as you sign up, we will send you the Zoom ID and passcode to access the classes - it’s easy! 

Go to the online university tab and with your membership you can access a course called “Recorded Classes” the recording links will be posted there for if you miss a class, we got you covered!

This is where we continually add new courses!  Courses that breakdown techniques, combinations, and the character values of martial arts with short videos and multiple choice questions to ensure understanding.  Some courses are free and others require a subscription.  Complete courses to gain points, prizes, and ranks within the community.  

You can accumulate points for interactions in the community for example: posting on the wall, commenting, attending a class, completing a “High Performance Habit”, completing a course, and more.  The more points accumulated will boost you up the leader board, qualify to win prizes and ranks within the community.  How many points will you receive in your first month?!

Many drills can be done with a partner, especially if you have some targets/pads to hit, which you can purchase through the shop.  Training with a sibling or neighbour is encouraged, they always bring energy!  Many drills we do work well to have a partner; however you can always do the classes on your own!

Our online community is 100% free.  Interact and participate in the community as well as access free courses and content.  Our paid memberships for live classes are available through the "shop" tab.  

If by chance something is still unclear after reading through these frequently asked question posts, feel free contact us via email [email protected]

Indigo Dojo Community

Why Join Our Community?

If you are looking for a positive place to interact with other strong minded youth, then this site is for you!

Start earning Indigo points and join in the fun!

Live Online Classes

Paid memberships include up to 4 nights per week -the Indigo Warriors come together in the virtual space to raise our chi energy and boost each other up.  Come stretch, breath, exercise, and learn fundamental Kickboxing techniques from high level instructors! 

Powerful Online Courses

We are equipping youth with ancient knowledge passed down from sensei to student and have put it into easy to follow courses in our online university.  Pass a course and receive points toward your next rank!

Daily Health Tips

Feed your mind with inspirational quotes that will inspire you to live your best life ever!  

Social Engagement & Interaction

You'll find new ways to connect with people on your journey and interact with other like minded warriors!

A Positive-Only Environment

We're a firm believer in the power of positivity. That's why we focus on what is good, life-giving and wonderful about life. Leave the politics outside!

Friendly Discussion Forums

Sometimes, the best way to get a question answered is by asking someone who has been there before. That's why we have forums where you can get feedback from others in the community.  

Our Private Online Community

Our community is perfect for youth who are looking to find a place online where they can share their journey with others.

Win Prizes & Memberships

 We incorporated elements such as quests, badges, credits and ranks to make the engagement process fun!

Participate in Daily Challenges & Events 

These daily challenges & events can get you motivated and feeling good about yourself!

Main Features

Incredible Community
Groups & Forums!

Our community is the perfect place to find friends who share your interests. You'll be able to create an account that's all about you! It's easy to create a profile page or manage your groups from one place.



Main Features

Have Fun With Our
Incentivized System!

We built an all-inclusive incentivized system with badges, quests, ranks and credits. You'll get your own profile you can customize, profile pictures, and interactive leaderboard.

Main Features

Connect With Youth
From All Over!

Join our private online community that is filled with kids, teens, and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. You will be able to connect with them, share your thoughts on what it means for you to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.